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Beautiful wall art and home decor for home and kids room. We sell our own designed products by artist and founder Nina Albrecht. In our collections you will find posters for home and kids rooms, interior decor and other. All of our products are produced in the Nordics and are environmentally-friendly.


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Posters, interior decor and other playful items for kids and adults. Inspired by nature, we want to share joy and encourage dreams in everyday life with our products. All syster henry collections are made out of love and creativity. We hope you’ll enjoy our products!

Fjäril poster _Y9A4424.jpg

Fjäril poster

from 34.00
Lake name poster Anka-namnposter-maya.jpg

Lake name poster

Little bear _Y9A0703.jpeg

Little bear

Birthday frog poster Namnposter_inredning_Y9A9227_.jpg

Birthday frog poster

 Skogskanin poster

Skogskanin poster

from 34.00
Borgå poster Borgåkort-1.jpeg

Borgå poster

from 34.00
Secret adventure poster IMG_20190225_115609.jpg

Secret adventure poster

from 34.00
Helsinki poster _MG_1433.jpg

Helsinki poster

from 34.00
Fågelvän poster _Y9A4788.jpg

Fågelvän poster

from 19.00
Blue boy with heart balloon poster _Y9A4874.jpg

Blue boy with heart balloon poster

from 19.00
On my mind poster _MG_1489.jpg

On my mind poster

from 34.00
Kesä square poster 11334172_852456944791828_6599509376466807449_o.jpg

Kesä square poster

Valentine forest poster _MG_1481.jpg

Valentine forest poster

from 34.00