The story of syster henry

It all started when our founder and designer Nina Albrecht worked in a garden with a pelargonium greenhouse in 2007. She fell in love with the pelargonium name Sister henry, and decided to use the Swedish translation of it as her artist name; syster henry. And today, it’s the name of our brand.


Mom life and a creative blog

During her parental leave in 2007 (her children are born in 2004,2007 and 2016), Nina created the blog syster henry's diary. It was her own, peaceful place in a lively everyday life with small children in the city of Helsinki. On the blog, she published everyday pictures with elements of fantasy figures and dreams inspired by both nature and city life.


Inspiration from nature and gardens

Nina grew up in the countryside with biologist parents. In her childhood, she was inspired by nature and gardens when creating all kinds of art works - which she did mostly all the time. Insect boxes, pressed algaes, shells, stones and other natural objects were always on hand to be inspired by. After primary school, she studied visual arts and media culture at an art school in Ostrobothnia.


Expansion into a brand

In 2013, Nina founded the company syster henry & little perky (little perky is Nina’s children's clothing and textile brand). In the beginning, syster henry only stood for Nina's original artwork and blog. But, syster henry expanded over time, becoming its own brand. Today we’re a brand with creative products for kids room, home and a joyous everyday life.